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Andreas Risi Monitor Audio UK

AirStream 10

September 2013

I enjoy to listen to Classic broadcasts with my Airstream 10 Internet Radio connected to my Hifi System.
The higher the Stream Rate the better the Sound Reproduction. So tune to Linn Classical or Linn Jazz,
two stations using 320 Kbs high stream quality. Both
programmes are UK based.

Stephen Keefe Monitor Audio UK

AirStream 10

November 2012

Have owned this for a year now. Very happy with the radio - both in function, performance and looks. Loudness is sufficient to fill the room without distortion. I use it daily as a.m alarm and p.m. snooze. When placed by the bedside, Volume 1 is a little loud. (Could this not be fixed with a software update to create Volume 0.1 -> 0.9? The volume knob has no end stop). Function selection can be a little fiddly, but no more so than other makes I have used. Maily used in Internet radio mode as we live in Denmark and I cannot seem to break away from UK radio stations!

adrian pope Monitor Audio UK

AirStream 10

November 2012

Generally happy with sound, and functions, limited presets a bit annoying. The power connector is already falling apart at the joint with the mains plug and is now shorting. The plug into the radio connects poorly, clearly the power supply is a cheaply made product. Other than that v happy.

Chris Clarke Monitor Audio UK

AirStream 10

June 2012

A joy to own and listen to. Surely a design classic in the making. Fills my kitchen with clean distortion free quality sound. I also use this on holiday with an i-pod docking bay, have many envious friends... many with Bose equipment! And did I mention how well built it is? Love it!


AirStream 10

June 2012

Only one speaker, so mono sound ... it is more like a radio snoozer, the sound is nice but lacks power. The menus are complicated and you have only 4 presets, so you will have to deal with the menu a lot, I thought the dialer would change directly from your favorites, but it does not, you have to navigate first through the menu. No usb or ipod connection either. So it is quite a limited device. Navigation from your network works fine, but again no shortcuts are available so you have to work from the root of your PC.

Andreas Larsson Monitor Audio UK

AirStream 10

April 2012

I have now (April 2011) owned the Airstream 10 (version without DAB) for 2 months and have used it extensively.

The mono speaker does its job and the quality of the sound is good. I am sure that there are radios in the same price-range with better sound, but I am very happy with the sound. I use the radio mainly in the lying down position (speaker facing down) and find that this works excellent for me.

It feels quality all through. I agree with other reviewers that the positioning of power cable etc makes the radio a bit unstable when in the lying down position. The design was one big reason for me when buying it. The volume control is graded from MUTE, 1-20. Some people might find the lowest volume of 1 still being to loud if using the radio on the bedside table

I find the radio easy to use. BBC channels are already pre-set into the menu (more abt BBC later)and it is easy to add channels through "Frontier Silicon WIFI Radio portal" web-page. The touch buttons and volume/select dial are nice to use. To coast through the menus are very much like using an Ipod. The screen is ok, can be hard to read from certain angles.

I use Itunes and an Ipod to listen to a lot of podcasts. I can pause, fast forward etc. Using podcasts on Airstream is a bit more complicated. The easy way is to add on podcasts through "Frontier Silicon WIFI Radio portal" web-page. If the podcasts is not on the web-page it gets much more the moment I do not know how to be able to do it. There is no way to pause, fast forward, rewind. If you stop listen the you have to start all over again.

BBC on demand is something many people have discussed in this forum. I listen a lot to BBC but I tend to listen live or on podcasts. I have never really used on demand. As I said before a lot (possibly all?) of BBC channels are pre-installed in the menu. If you choose a for example BBC 4 you will see the following on the screen:

BBC Radio 4

If I here choose podcasts I will see a long list of program names. If we take the program "A point of View" I get 2 different entries:

A point of View>
A point of Viev-podcast

It seems like the top entry is the actual on demand service cause it only have very few of the latest programs while the podcast option have loads. Another example is the program "A good read" that does not have a podcast option but the the 2 latest shows available.

To summarise; there seem to be some kind of "on demand" radio available. Feel free to ask in the comment field about the options for a particular show

I personally see no use in paying extra for the DAB version since I have a very stable internet connection and another DAB radio already. I would only suggest to someone to buy the DAB version if the do not already own a DAB radio.

I am very happy with my purchase and can warmly recommend it to anyone that have done some research and knows what other radios are out there in the same price range. I love the design and have it going for hours everyday.

Robert Esdale Monitor Audio UK

AirStream 10

January 2012

I have two Airstream 10s, which I think are excellent. Pity you did not get the balance quite right for sitting flat on a bedside cabinet.

Martyn Keighley Monitor Audio UK

AirStream 10

November 2011

Clean, stylish and easy to use. In my view as iconic and well designed as the iPod
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