• 2 x 75mm (3”) C-CAM metal cone bass driver
  • 2 x 19mm (3/4”) Gold C-CAM metal dome tweeter
  • 28/56 bit dual precision DAC.
  • Micro-processor control and digital data handling.
  • DSP control with in house designed and tuned algorithms.
  • Innovative Automatic Position Correction (APC) system.
  • Bass Level Management (BLM) - Maintains optimum sound balance at lower listening levels.
  • IR Remote Control Unit
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary input jack for external sound sources including high performance WiFi dongles.
  • Automatic intelligent charge feature - when iPod is docked.




Frequency Response

80Hz – 25kHz

Maximum S.P.L (dBA)

101.6 dBA

Power Output

Bass 2 x 30 watts
Tweeter 2 x 15 watts

Driver complement

2 x 75mm (3") C-CAM
metal cone bass driver
2 x 19mm (3/4") Gold C-CAM
metal dome tweeter

System Configuration

2 way ported

Auxiliary input impedance/sensitivity

10K Ohms/300mV

Signal to Noise SNR


A.C input Voltage

100-240v (auto range)

Amplifier category

Class D

Power consumption

<0.33 watts (standby)
90 watts maximum


2.86 Kgs (6.3 lbs)

External Dimensions (w x d x h)

320 x 210 x 245mm
(125/8 x 81/4 x 95/8 Inches)

Compatible with 

iPod classic 80GB / 120GB / 160GB
iPod nano 2nd generation (aluminum) 2GB / 4GB / 8GB
iPod nano 3rd generation (video) 4GB / 8GB
iPod nano 4th generation (video) 8GB / 16GB
iPod nano 5th generation (video camera) 8GB / 16GB
iPod nano 6th generation 8GB / 16GB
iPod touch 1st generation 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
iPod touch 2nd generation 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
iPod touch 3rd generation 32GB / 64GB
iPod touch 4th generation 8GB / 32GB / 64GB
iPhone 4GB / 8GB / 16GB
iPhone 3G 8GB / 16GB
iPhone 3GS 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
iPhone 4 8GB / 16GB / 32GB

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