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  • GOLD C-CAM Tweeter GOLD C-CAM Tweeter
  • C-CAM drivers C-CAM drivers


  • 2 x 4" MMP®II. The Metal Matrix Polymer drivers have been completely re-worked and re-modelled with the aid of new design and simulation tools to achieve higher sensitivity and increased magnetic linearity. The new shaped T-section pole and focussed magnetic gap produces better linearity and lower distortion, resulting in fast punchy bass. All drivers are dedicated and model specific, with each model in the Radius HD series being designed and voiced individually.
  • 1" Gold C-CAM® tweeter providing extension to in excess of 35 KHz ensuring the wide frequency bandwidth of HD music and cinema formats can be replayed faithfully.
  • Magnetically shielded drivers allow Radius HD to be safely used near sensitive microprocessor equipment or plasma/LCD displays.
  • High quality crossover uses high-grade metalised Polypropylene capacitors for increased clarity. High-grade air core and laminated iron core inductors give lowest possible distortion and low insertion losses.
  • Terminals are located on the plinth for ease of cable management and routing.
  • Specially developed high grade PCOFC internal cable is used throughout to ensure maximum signal transfer at all frequencies and low signal resistance.
  • Single through-bolt driver fixing provides mechanical de-coupling and enhanced mid-band clarity and resolution. The through-bolts also act as rigid cross bracing to give a very solid non-resonant cabinet.
  • Front and rear ported reflex design.
  • Internal PTC auto-reset protection circuit to prevent over-driving.
  • Mass loaded cabinet lower section (factory filled) provides better stability and bass damping.
  • Taller cabinets – for better imaging and cosmetic appearance.
  • Flush fitting grille with rotate-able ‘m’ logo for positioning in Landscape or portrait orientation.


Bande Passante +/- 3dB

48 Hz - 35 KHz

Sensibilité (1W@1m)

90 dB

Impédance Nominale

8 Ohms

Puissance (RMS)

150 W

Amplificateur Recommandé (RMS)

20 - 150 W

SPL maximum (dBA)


Design du cabinet

Ports Bass-Reflex à l'avant et à l'arrière


2 x 100mm (4") driver medium/graves MMP®II.
1 x 25mm (1") tweeter à dôme en or C-CAM®

Dimensions Externes (H x L x P)

1000 x 125 x 140 mm
(39 3/8 x 4 15/16 x 5 1/2)
(sans les pointes)

Poids (unitaire)

10.2 (22 1/2)

Avis utilisateurs

Note utilisateurs

Trevor Crone Monitor Audio UK


November 2012

An absolute delight both for music and home theatre. They replaced my aging Celestion A1's. I always felt the A1's tweeters were fantastic but the R270HD's tweeters sound even clearer, sharper, just wonderful imaging. I've teamed them with the R225HD centre speaker but kept my Celestion A series dipoles at the back. A Jamo THX sub delivers deep bass. Amazingly the sound is quite seamless. The three Radius HD speakers at the front cut through the most complex sound stage with ease and absolute clarity. These demure floor standers are just superb played at volume or whisper.

Chris Lee Monitor Audio UK


September 2012

I've had these speakers since Christmas 2010 and they are superb. The speakers are part of my home cinema set up (along with R45HD, R250HD R360HD and a Yam AV amp) I fully intended buying a different brand as I'd not heard of Monitor Audio at the time. Sevenoaks in Sheffield demo'd them for me and I'm sure glad they did. They look and sound phenominal and I recommend them highly.

ray singer Monitor Audio UK


January 2012

At last, speakers that I can really enjoy for serious music listening and my better half happy with their appearance. After Quad electrostatics ("they look like radiators!") large black floorstanders ("They're plain ugly!") my wife saw the tall, slim and white Radius and my marital life was peaceful once more .

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The De-Tox CD

Custom-developed for Monitor Audio and utilising advanced simulation technology, the new De-Tox CD will help you to run-in your speakers in less time and more comprehensively than is possible with music or other burn-in signals.