• Ultra long throw 12” C-CAM driver featuring triple suspension for ultimate linearity
  • Large 3” voice coil and double stack motor system provides high power handling and low distortion
  • Powerful 500W RMS Class-D amplifier with SMPSU able to deliver over 1000 watts peak
  • 12volt trigger - provides switching control from AV amp or processor
  • 25mm (1”) thick MDF construction
  • Heavy radial cabinet bracing
  • Top mounted control panel for easy access
  • Selected real wood veneer or high gloss piano finishes.


Limitation basses fréquences

27Hz (EQ1) 21Hz (EQ2)

Limitation hautes fréquences

40 - 120Hz Variable

Sortie amplificateur

500W RMS (1000W Peak)

Alignement filtre passe bas

Filtre actif du 4ème ordre 24dB/Octave


MDF de 25mm et renforts internes

Design du Cabinet

Cabinet blindé magnétiquement


1 x 12" driver C-CAM® avec triple suspension et bobine 3"

Dimensions Externes: (H x L x P)

340 x 340 x 410 mm
(13 3/8 x 13 3/8 x 16 1/8 inch)

Dimensions Externes: (H x L x P) avec peids et grille

375mm (15") de hauteur avec pieds
430mm (16 15/16") de profondeur

Entrée alimentation

110 - 120 Vac / 220 - 240 Vac 50/60Hz

Poids (unitaire)

22.56 Kg (49.63 lb)

Avis utilisateurs

Mo Monitor Audio UK


March 2016

Bought 2 x B&W ASW 610's and just couldn't seem to get the coherence or slam that I wanted from HT use. Decided on a RS-W 12 in conjunction with a B&W PV1. To say that I am impressed is an understatement. This sub is phenomenal. The low down grunt is one thing but the amount of control is insane. A 12' sub normally does well with music or HT but this sub does both stunningly well. Wish it had a mic for calibration though. Beside that I would highly recommend this sub. It is truly a feat of engineering. Well done MA for such an incredible speaker....

Cyriel Monitor Audio UK


March 2015

This subwoofer is insane! I've just watched my first two movies with it and the power is incredible. Bass is tight and room shaking, while it has a relatively small footstep, it looks beautiful and is very easy to set up in your room. What can one want anymore? I am in love with it!

Terry OShea Monitor Audio UK


January 2014

Many subs have come and gone in my system, and I do mean a lot. Some did a few things well and some did many things not very well. And to be honest, a few were near perfect. But there was something missing even in those. I could not sit back and say wow, that sound is perfect. That was until I purchased the RXW12. I cannot find a fault with them. They do everything I ask of them and then some. I have always purchased British speakers but this was my first Monitor Audio. What have I been missing all these years! Time to make the switch. Keep up the good work!

Terry O'Shea - London Canada

John Sykes Monitor Audio UK


April 2012

I've had one of these in my Radius 7.1 MA system for maybe 3+ years and it never fails to impress, whether HD video sound or music, of all types. Visitors can't believe the sound, nor where it's coming from - until I show them the monster! My only gripe is that the diecast model cars I sit on it often get bounced off onto the carpet. My fault ... obviously.

Tim Greig Monitor Audio UK


December 2011

I've had the RXW12 for over 3 years as part of a Radius surround sound system. It's magnificent. It make the small Radius speakers sound huge. Just watching Frozen Planet on TV was a totally immersive experience

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The De-Tox CD

Custom-developed for Monitor Audio and utilising advanced simulation technology, the new De-Tox CD will help you to run-in your speakers in less time and more comprehensively than is possible with music or other burn-in signals.